Touching your community one house at a time

The Longview Project – Raleigh, NC


It's all just steps away

Living in Longview is more than just having a beautiful space to call home, it’s about what’s around you. It’s a lifestyle and having the best of the burbs with Downtown Raleigh as your playground.


Investing in our communities

We provide a broad range of services to assist our clients in achieving their goal of purchasing a charming remodel or building a new home.

Our in house team of dedicated and skilled contractors allows us to provide superior workmanship in a timely fashion.

Bledsoe Avenue – Raleigh, NC

Postell Street – Raleigh, NC


New homes that fit the character of historic neighborhoods

We bring older neighborhoods back to life by building new homes when it isn’t feasible to renovate an existing home. We pride ourselves in building new homes with superior workmanship and innovative custom features no matter the budget.

“Building With A Standard Of Excellence”


We have built solid relationships with our partners in order to provide you with comprehensive services

Designing cost effective floor plans 


Delivering excellent work on time and within budget

Counseling services for every step of a project

Helping you research, locate, purchase or sell

Creating the finishing touches for your home

Ensuring structural stability and implementing the architectural vision

Protecting your investment affordably

Offering the best building materials and finishes


Modern Fixtures and

All of our kitchen and bath projects use modern appliances and fixtures whose style is coordinated and looks vintage.


Our Clients and
Partners Speak

Site Collaborative

We were introduce to Dukes Properties and Construction through a mutual consulting firm.  Since that time, we have had the opportunity to collaborate on several projects with them.   We have truly been impressed with Dukes Properties team.  Attention to detail, thoughtful approach to site design, and always seeking collaborative solutions.

Graham Smith
Founder & CEO

Worked with DPC for over four years and have enjoyed working with the team! Collectively, we’ve come up with a ton of great designs. I love seeing their finished products!

Thomas Flora

Positive experience. Satisfied with work they have done to our home. Great work in the community. A more than professional company and cordial. Most importantly, they do what they say they’re going to do. Lived in Historic South Park for over 30 years and we hired Dukes Properties to renovate our starter home. We now have a renovated new house. Totally satisfied. Very pleased with the finish product of our new home.

Dennis and Janice James
Residents of Historic South Park
Glenwood South Tailors

After working with DPs north of 10 years, they prove time & time again that a real estate partner must see around corners, possess the instincts you need, and control infrastructure you can leverage. DPC is the go-to for strategic acquisition/value add plays in any market. We do business with DP, because it’s a good business decision, period.

Brian Burnett

I've been impressed with Dukes Properties & Construction, LLC since day one. My question to them is …. What took you so long to get here? South Park has needed revitalization for many years. They have come into the neighborhood and turned abandoned and condemned homes to beautiful new build and renovated homes for many families to raise children and create memories in. They have even purchased properties from me directly. I owned an Apartment building in Historic South Park and needed help. It wasn't in the best condition and I was tired of the upkeep, Dukes Properties paid me fair market value for my apartment complex and I’m glad I sold it to them…. It now looks amazing with the upgrades they have done. - Huge improvement. They also kept it for affordable housing opportunities to rent. In addition, they've help me fix my primary home. I’m so grateful!

Cecilia Glenn
Resident of Historic South Park
Sharp Enterprises

As an investor, we have worked with Dukes Properties on numerous projects. We have worked both alongside, and directly, with members of Dukes Properties on multiple projects in the Raleigh area. The results of those projects have always met or exceeded our expectations. Communication has always been at the forefront of our business relationship. Dukes Properties will continue to be an asset to our real estate development both in the acquisition process and in the construction phase. They have solid relationships with other developers and realtors in the community and have a broad understanding of the logistics and requirements involving land development and new home construction. Dukes Properties has a diverse portfolio of both modern and traditional homes in and around Raleigh. It is important for us to do business with someone directly involved in the local area and we have found that with Dukes Properties. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Dukes Properties in the future.

Jeffrey Sharp & Greg Stahl
Builder & Investor
The Collective Firm

As a real estate broker, I’ve partnered Dukes Properties on dozens of projects over the last 3-4 years. I’ve found them to be professional, responsive and committed to excellence in all levels of business operations.  My wife and I are interested in having Dukes Properties and Construction renovate our own downtown Raleigh home.

Kevin Stephens

DPC is the first developer to come to South Park and take interest with revitalizing our neighborhood. All I can say are great things about their organization. I’ve been in Historic South Park for 19 years and my neighborhood has changed so much over the last five years. Crime rate has decreased drastically, and our neighborhood has come back to life. The houses are beautiful. I’ve worked directly with DPC and every time my experience has been wonderful. For an example, had an issue with bathtub, I contacted DPC and they sent some one right over the same day to look at the issue. The next day my tub was fixed. Also, while they were building Noble III houses, my husband and I asked if they could assist with finding someone to paint the exterior of our house to make it beautiful again and DPC assisted with that process. Superior workmanship. There interior designer helped with choosing the exterior color scheme. Now I love my house again!

Ella Pope
Resident of Historic South Park

We couldn’t be more happier with our new home. We feel like we found the suburbia of downtown. The neighbors are all so friendly and we just love being this close to it all. The house has a ton of storage and we absolutely love the open concept and loft space. It’s great for when we have family in town who stay the night, or friends over for a night of entertaining. Prior, we owned a smaller home two blocks over and the quality of the build was just not the same that you find with Dukes. This is a great home and we love it.

Eleni Contogiannis
Home Owner
Chappell Residential

Our team has worked closely with Dukes Properties & Construction for several years. The Dukes team delivers an excellent product, provides great service, and - most importantly - is made up of really good people. We're proud to call them our clients and our friends.

Johnny Chappell

We absolutely love our new home! Dukes Properties has great taste in aesthetics—everyone compliments how beautiful our colors and fixtures are and how well the house is laid out. Dukes also partnered with us after construction to build an awesome outdoor patio to help correct some backyard drainage issues we were experiencing. They were great to work with and prompt to respond to our requests and concerns. I would recommend Dukes to anyone looking for a new construction home in Raleigh.

David Shaner
First Federal Bank

First Federal Bank has over 60 years of construction lending experience and looks forward to being a partner with Dukes Properties for 60 more.

Ben Jones
Banking Officer